Trinity vs. Haltom - 2020 Week 14 Football Highlights


Haltom hosting Trinity yesterday with the district championship on the line...

Opening possession of the game for Trinity backed up on their own end of the field, Senior Quarterback Valentino Foni, having a great year for the Trojans fakes the handoff and finds a nice hole on the left side, he's off to the races, it's a foot race to the endzone, he stretches out at the end there for the touchdown and it's 7-0 Trinity.

Haltom would answer with their outstanding Quarterback Jace Washington, the Navy Commit delivers a strike to Hunter Vallavincencio (Vall-uh--vin-sense-e-oh) great catch to tie the game at 7!

On Trinity's 2nd possession more of the same, Ollie Gordon taking advantage of some great blocking up front goes untouched from 38 yards out, this one never in doubt as Trinity finishes with 624 yards on the ground, Trojans win it 56-10 and they win the district championship.

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