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Title Belt Winner - Euless Trinity Defense

Euless Trinity and Oklahoma State Commit Ollie Gordon at home last night against upset-minded Keller...

Things looking good early for the Indians as Matthew Anderson caps the Opening drive with this pass to Amarion Henry they would get out to a 14-0 lead in this one, yes the upset alive and well...

But Trinity mounts a comeback with senior quarterback Cade Bar-thall-uh-muss using play action to get the ball to the best player on the field - Gordon puts on the breaks and takes it in from there to cut the lead in half to 14-7.

Later he's at it again, electrifying the crowd watch him here, first he shows the power, bouncing off a couple of tacklers and once he gets into the open field, you may as well forget it, he's got the moves and the speed too. This is the 2nd td of 5 touchdowns on the night, and the Trojans advance to the 2nd round with the 47-21 win,

And After that slow start the Trinity defense really turned the momentum in this one with 5 takeaways, including this interception by David Langi (Long-eee) to earn this week's title belt!