The Colony vs. Frisco Independence - 2021 Week 9 Football Highlights

Wild start to the game Thursday night between The Colony and Frisco Independence.

Independence gets the opening kick and on the first offensive snap, Reggie no that Reggie Bush.....this one is going to Baylor, but on this play he's going 75 yards for a quick touchdown. 282 yards and 4 scores for Bush.

The Colony's first offensive snap, and there goes Kamden Wesley....someone cue up the band because he's gone. This one is 67 yards and Wesley rushed for 259 yards and 4 scores.

Cougars get it back and they run some mis direction and there goes Caden Chaulk and he's gone. That's a 53 yard touchdown and The Colony is up 14-7.

Second quarter, after the Cougars have drawn the Knight defense in expecting the run, it's play action and Dylan Corbin goes 43 yards to Shafiq (Sha-feek) Taylor and that's a touchdown. The Colony would go on to win this one 44-32.