Red Oak at Midlothian - 2022 Week 11 DFW High School Football Game of the Week

Midlothian had a chance to make a little history Thursday night if they get past the Hawks.

The Panthers start early when Deago Benson takes the handoff, goes straight up the gut for the 7 yard TD score, 7 zip Midlothian.

More from that high powered Panthers' offense this time through the air, Chad Ragle looks for and finds Bryant Wesco and the speedster would do the rest, a 1 play 91 yard touchdown toss, Wesco with 5 grabs for 141 yards and 2 scores, Panthers feeling good.

Then Midlothian goes back to their bread and butter, Ragle calls his own number and 28 yards later the Panthers have a 21-7 lead.

Red Oak would not go down without a fight, here Jaylon Robinson drops back, feels the rush, takes off and he would get in for the touchdown, Red Oah down just 1 score at half.

2nd half now and Panthers let the ole fullback go to work, Michael Garber goes right up the middle from a yard out and then one more time for Garber, this one we bounces out to the right and once again finds paydirt, that would pretty much put things away for the Panthers.

Midlothian gets the win 56-28 over Red Oak and with the win complete a perfect 10-0 regular season, the first time since 1984 the Panthers have achieved that feat, head coach Doug Wendel extremely proud of his team and city.