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Parish Episcopal vs. Nolan - 2020 Week 12 Football Highlights

At Nolan Catholic the Vikings played host to the Parish Episcopal Panthers for the title of district champions.

Parish comes out firing with SMU commit Preston Stone, he hits Blake Youngblood and Youngblood with the sweet move to get the ball inside the pylon and the early 7-o for the Panthers.

More Stone and more from the sir, this time he finds Christian Benson who makes a TREMENDOUS catch in the endzone for the score and the 14-0 lead for his Panthers, Stone finishes with 210 yards passing and 2 TDs.

But then Parish begins making mistakes, here benson can't handle the high punt, muffs it and Nolan jumps on the loose ball for the turnover.

Then it would be the Nolan D stepping up, Stone back to pass again, goes to the endzone but the Vikings Keontae Williams gets the INT in, turning away the Panthers, and Nolan roars back after falling down early scoring 31 unanswered points and Nolan Catholic gets the 31-14 win over Parish Episopal to take the district title.