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Northwest Eaton vs Keller Central - 2019 Week 8 Football Highlights

Keller Central Chargers gettin' hyped to take on Northwest Eaton in a game that could decide some playoff spots in district 5-6A.

Eaton strikes first when Braden St. Ama pumps a couple of times, so much our camera guy gets faked out, but he catches up just in time to see Charles Whitebear make a SPECTACULAR catch in the back of the endzone, refs agree...touchdown!! Nice grab by Whitebear.

Keller Central puts a drive together, Gavyn White gives to Davon Graham on the end around and Graham lowers the head and gets down to the 1, great effort, there.

That led to this, Keegon Burton gets the handoff and he pushes his way, with the help of his O lineman, in for the score, this one was a defensive struggle the whole way but Keller Central comes out on top of this low scoring affair by the final of 17-14 over Northwest Eaton.