Inside High School Sports DFW | Melissa VS Argyle - 2019 Week 9…

Melissa VS Argyle - 2019 Week 9 Football Highlights

Melissa is led by Colorado commit quarterback Brendon Lewis.

Melissa using the ground attack here when Lewis gives to Ja'Bray Young who dives in for the score from 3 yards out.

Argyle closes out the 1st half on fire, here Luke Farris keeps the legs churning on this one as he doesn't quit on the play and gets rewarded with the walk in touchdown.

Then, the final drive of the 1st half and Bo Hogeboom rolls to his right and hits the big tight end Jasper Lott for the score, nice way to end the half there.

Melissa opens up the 2nd half with a bang, here Lewis hands to Xylohn (zy-lon) Posey and he breaks a long one off, straight up the gut from 39 yards, the Cardinals hanging tough with the state's #1 team

But Argyle would put this one away when Hogeboom hits Farris on the swing pass and he scoots in for the touchdown, not a lot of defense in this one as Argyle gets the gin to stay undefeated, the final score 70-48 over Melissa.