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McKinney North vs. Highland Park - 2020 Week 12 Football Highlights

McKinney North taking the field against Highland Park at Highlander Stadium

The Scots....well they just came out ready....check out the time Brayden Schager has to throw. Finally he lets loose on a strike to John Rutledge for a 33 yard score 7-0.

Gotta show you this perfect onsides kick Highland Park immediately kicks. Jack Stone kicks it straight up and down and his guys arms. And that demoralized the Bulldog defense.

Schager, again with plenty of time, rolls out and hits Jackson Heis for a 14 yard score. 14-0.

Later first, Schager running the option with Anthony Ghobriel and Ghobriel goes 25 yards down the sidelines to put the Scots up 21-0.

Finally, to cap off a 35 point first quarter, Schager with the bomb to Grayson Schrank. 62 yard score. Schager with 4 touchdown passes on the night and the Scots win it 56-14.