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Lewisville vs. Flower Mound Marcus - 2021 Week 10 Football Highlights

It's the Battle of the Axe in Flower Mound as Marcus took on undefeated Lewisville.

Farmers M-O isn't too hard to figure out. Hand it to Damien Martinez and watch him go. 26 yards on this run

It looked like it would set up a touchdown, but Ethan Terrell's pass is broken up in the end zone nicely by Colton Bedgood. Lewisville settles for a field goal.

It was 3-3 in the 2nd, when Martinez, the Oregon State commit, breaks it to the outside for a 23 yard score. 190 yards for the senior.

Late 2nd quarter, Marcus lines up in this funky formation, but then break to the line and do a quick pitch to Gabe Espinoza for a 2 yard touchdown. 10-10.

Lewisville trying to score late in the half, but Terrell's pass is picked off by Chance Sautter. His return would lead to a field goal. Marcus goes on to upset Lewisville 40-27.