Lancaster vs. W..T. White - 2021 Week 11 Football Highlights

Lancaster looking to finish off an undefeated district slate with a win over W T White.

Second half, up 15-0, the Tiger defense was just swarming. This is Kendrick Jones coming in with the sack. The best way to tell you've just recorded a solid sack is when you get up and "your" back is hurting.

Offense was led on the ground by Isaiah Broadway who tallied 167 yards on 17 carries as he just bull rushes over defenders on this 26 yard run.

Glen Rice Junior would capitalize early 4th quarter as he finds Phaizon Wilson for a 24 yard score as Wilson throws his defender to the ground. 22-0 Tigers

Just under 2 minutes to play, Rice throws another td pass to the big time wide receiver prospect, Wilson. 20 yards on that one and Lancaster wins this one 28-6.