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Lancaster vs. Grapevine - 2020 Week 14 Football Highlights

Lancaster and Grapevine both had cancellations this week so they met each other Saturday afternoon.

Tigers up 7-0 and D Q James takes off for a 65 yard touchdown. He told our photographer at the beginning of the game to be ready for the show and after that score he let him know he's a man of his word.

Mustangs did not lay down, however. This is Max Cowgill to Elijah Steele for a 40 yard score and it's only 14-7.

Gotta show you some simply amazing catches by Lancaster receivers. This is Tony Evans pulling this ball out of the air while falling to the ground. Wow

Then in the second quarter, this is Glen Rice to Majik Rector for the diving catch. Superior athletes on this squad.

Later 2nd, RIce to Stephon Johnson Junior for the 10 yard score. Lancaster rolls 61-21.