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Lake Highlands vs Duncanville - 2019 Week 7 Football Highlights

Jackson and the Panthers have had little resistance in 8-6A, but Lake Highlands at least led 3-0 for most of the first quarter.

But with 26 seconds left they had to punt and Roderick Daniels catches it.....and we've seen this alot from Daniels this year.....he's gone....its a 79 yarder if he doesn't let the punter bring him down......don't let the punter bring you down.....he didn't....7-3 Duncanville.

Early 2nd, Jackson on the run and watch him knock this Wildcat defender to the ground before he takes it to the sidelines for a 59 yard touchdown. Jackson, the UT commit, is one of the state's most deadliest dual threats.

He shows off the arm late 2nd quarter. That's a 69 yard bomb to Marquelen Crowell. Another big win for the Panthers as they take it 28-6.