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Lake Centennial VS Sachse - 2019 Week 9 Football Highlights

Red Behrens and his Sachse Mustangs have won 6 in a row against Lakeview Centennial as they headed into a rainy matchup Thursday night.

Pick it up in the 4th with Sachse up 10-7 and in the red zone Xavier Foreman can't handle the slippery ball and the Patriots fall on it, dodging a huge bullet.

Ensuing drive, Garnett Burke in the Wildcat, takes off down a wet field on a 54 yard touchdown run. 6 minutes left and the Patriots up 14-10.

Pick it up with 2 minutes to go and all Lakeview needs is one first down to win it, but quarterback Jarrett Adams fumbles and Quinton Williams falls on it. 3 turnovers for both teams, but this one was by far the biggest.

1 minute to play, 3rd down for the Mustangs on the 18 and Foreman throws it to Jaden Hunter who cradles it in the end zone. Did he trap it? The refs discuss and decide it's a catch. Huge win for the Mustangs 17-14 which puts them 4-1 in district and tied for first