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Keller vs Denton Guyer - Texas High School Girls Basketball Highlights

Keller vs Denton Guyer girls - Texas High School Boys Basketball Highlights from Inside High School Sports. Watch live on NBC 5, Saturdays at 6:30pm, in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Guyer girls, ranked 8th in the state, took on Keller for first in 5-6A.

3rd quarter, Emma Taylor catches Gabby Czajkowski (Cha-cow-ski) sneak in the backdoor and that's an easy basket for the Lady Indians

Guyer on the break and that's Jade Thompson with the floater in the lane.

Next drive, Bella Earle to Megan Freeze for the easy layup. Lady Wildcats up 6 after 3.

4th quarter, Keller's Cambridge Matthews gets blocked by Evie Goetz and we're going the other way. Thompson goes the distance for 2 of her 13 points and Guyer hangs on to first with the 46-38 win.