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Inside Story Talks to Jordan Webster Who Has Matched Her Dads Career Points as an OU Sooner, 2,200

When you are the daughter of one of the most prolific scorers in the University of Oklahoma’s history, it shouldn’t be a shock that you can put points on the board. But Plano Prestonwood’s Jordan Webster is doing it her way and has been for a long time. Her dad, Jeff Webster, scored over 22 hundred points as a sooner and now, his daughter, has scored the same amount in her Lady Lion career. But to hear her coach tell it, she could have so much more

Her over 22 hundred career points has put her on top of Prestonwood’s all time scoring list……..for girls and guys. A list that includes NBA star, Julius Randle, who Jordan has known since she was a small child

Like a lot of the best girls players in the area have dealt with, Jordan has had her bout with injuries as well. With her, it’s been her hips. She was born with hips that didn’t quite fit in the socket perfectly and has lead to two surgeries that have kept her out of numerous games as a junior and now senior. But now she is pain free which could be an issue for her opponents