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Inside Story Looks Back at How Chris Owens Dominance on the Court Has Helped Him as a Coach

The former Parade All-American from Duncanville had plenty of fun as he terrorized opponents back in the late 90’s. To this day he remains the only player we’ve ever seen tear down a backboard in a game. He recalls an errant pass being the reason he reached back for a little something extra to throw it down.

After graduation, Owens went on to play collegiately at Tulane University. After just 1 year playing for the Green Wave he longed to come back to the state where he became one of the most coveted players in the country. While at Texas he averaged a modest 10 points and 7 rebounds.

Though he had limited success in Austin, he was still good enough to be drafted in the 2nd round by the Milwaukee Bucks. A series of knee surgeries eventually killed his dreams of playing in the NBA but looking back he admits that may well have been a blessing in disguise.

While overseas, Owens got a chance to visit Munich, Germany and visit Olympic Stadium. As the great nephew of Jesse Owens, it was a cathartic experience to see the very grounds that his famous uncle made history on.

Today Owens is doing just that. As the head coach of Bishop Dunne High School, he’s trying to impart the valuable lessons that he’s learned through his experiences on the basketball court.