How The THSCA Is Tackling Safety Issues In Football

There is no getting around it, football is a violent sport. The sheer physicality of the game leads to the possibility of a serious injury, especially to the head. In an effort to limit the potential of concussions, the THSCA took a proactive approach and turned to another sport, rugby. The Texas High School Coaching Association has teamed up with Atavus. A company who uses game-based data to develop safer tackling techniques. And all Texas football coaches are required to take mandatory tackling certification training in order to guarantee kids are being taught the same tackling techniques. The state of Texas is the only state that requires uniform coaching on how to tackle. It’s been a process, but coaches across the state commend the THSCA on their willingness to get in front of the tackling issue and making the football field a safer place for their kids.