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Highland Park vs. Frisco Wakeland - 2021 Week 13 Football Highlights

This little girl was in for a sensational game between Highland Park and Frisco Wakeland Friday night.

We pick it up in the 3rd quarter of a 7-7 game. This is Wakeland's Jared White and check out the moves on this run. Avoiding all kinds of ruckus and then diving to the pilon for the 48 yard touchdown...and the man apparently doesn't like water either....14-7 Wolverines.

1:35 left in the game and it's tied at 21. The Scots Ben Croasdale scampers in from the 19. Highland Park looks to have dodged 4 turnovers and escaped with a win as they're up 28-21.

But hold on. with 30 seconds left Brennan Myer heaves one to Davion Woolen who is behind the double coverage for the catch at the Scots 6 yard line.

White in at the Wildcat, so you're thinking run, right? No....it's a jump pass to Tripp Riordan for the touchdown. Wolverines have the Scots on the ropes so they decide to go for 2.

(sorry, i turned the camera on late after a timeout so it's only tail end of this one) White busts it up the middle and across the end line for the game winning score. Wakeland shocks Highland Park 29-28 and pandemonium breaks loose as the crowd floods the field.