Hebron at Flower Mound - 2021 Week 6 Football Highlights

We asked Nick Evers bobblehead if Nick would play against Hebron.....that's a no...still in concussion protocol

But that's ok, because Yale Erdman did just fine. 3rd quarter, Erdman to Walker Mulkey for a 37 yard score. 342 yards passing for Erdman and Jags up 27-20.

Hebron's Jacob Buniff was just a bit better on this night. Check out this bomb to Dakoda Bridges for 64 yards, but Bridges gets pulled down at the 6.

Next play, Buniff to Coby Baldwin and watch Baldwin pull the ball off his defenders back and gets a foot in. 27-27.

Later 3rd, Hawks down 34-27 and Buniff to Baldwin again...watch out cameraman!!!! Baldwin 11 catches 191 yards and 4 scores.

4th quarter, Buniff rolls to his right and tosses one to Baldwin again. Buniff passes for 425 yards and 5 scores as Hebron wins it 48-34.