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Haltom vs Weatherford - 2019 Week 6 Football Highlights

There's last year's Coach of the Year Bobblehead winner, Jason Tucker of Haltom

His Buffalos were down 21-7 until Kenneth Cormier (Corm-e-yay) goes in from 11 yards out. Cormier with 199 yards and 4 touchdowns on the night.

But the Kangaroos could not stop scoring....Vanderbilt commit Kenny Seals rolls out and hits Nicholas Schwikal (Sch-wee-kal) who breaks 3 tackles and then a little later in the run breaks another one and it's a 63 yard score. Seals with 369 yards passing and 5 touchdowns.

But here comes Haltom. 21 seconds left in half and Adam Hill hits Derek Ocasio in the back of the end zone and the Buffalos only trailed 38-31.

But 21 seconds was more then enough time in the is game for more points. Dezmond Forrest with a dazzling 76 yard touchdown run here. Forrest ran for 278 yards and 4 touchdowns as Weatherford wins it 66-52.