Grand Prairie at South Grand Prairie- 2021 Week 7 Football Highlights

Grand Prairie hasn't beaten South Grand Prairie since (((2009))), and this didn't look like the night.

SGP scored two touchdowns before the Gophers offense got on the field. This is the Warriors' first touchdown, a pass from Michael Stallworth to AJ Newberry, who made a *great* catch. They recovered the kickoff and scored again on a short run by Newberry, and it was 12-0 before Grand Prairie ever had the ball.

Grand Prairie came back with a misdirection run from Drew Damper, who was never touched until he got hit at the goal line. Damper rushed for 88 yards and two scores; this one made it 12-7.

2nd quarter, South going for it on 4th and 2, and the Gophers step up and stuff the run. Warriors turn it over on downs.

South would take a 26-7 lead in the first half, but Grand Prairie came all the way back for its first win in this rivalry since 2009. Gophers take it, 34-33.