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Garland Lakeview Centennial vs Wylie - 2019 Week 6 Football Highlights

One of the nation's top running backs for the class of 2021, Camar Wheaton, and Lakeview Centennial taking on Wylie.

And it didn't take long for Wheaton to show his about the opening kickoff. He picks it up at 3 and takes off. 97 yard kickoff return for 6. He also rushed for 170 yards and another touchdown, but this score puts the Patriots up 7-0.

3rd quarter, Pirates down 10, but Mason Long goes 24 yards to Malik Ford who makes the tough catch for the touchdown. 20-17 Wylie still trailed.

Ensuing kickoff, they tried the on sides kick, but the ball takes a perfect bounce into Cambryn Jones chest and he goes 48 yards for another special teams touchdown. Lakeview Centennial beats Wylie 27-20.