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Game of the Week Was the Action Packed Duncanville vs Odessa Permian Boys Basketball Game

Panthers led by Texas Tech commit Micha Peavy looking for that 2nn straight trip to San Antonio.

Quick start for Duncanville as they get it inside to Robert Banks who gets the up and in plus the foul for the old fashioned 3.

Pather D was tough all game, here Peavy gets the steal and races all the way for the finger roll.

More Peavy, this time JB Hill tosses the oop to Peavy and he finished the dunk while getting fouled, great play there by the 2 leaders of that team.

More high flying by the Panthers, here Peavy leads the break, dishes to Damian Nicholas and he too rocks the rim with a flush, Panthers up 10 at the break.

2nd half action now and Duncanville starts to pull away, here Hill finds Juan Reyna in the corner, pumps, and then drains the 3.

And then Peavy puts the finishing touches on this one, watch the nice ball movement as Peavy with the easy bucket, and that would do it, Duncanville gets the 59-43 win over Odessa Permian to earn their 2nd consecutive trip to the state tournament, head coach David Peavy happy to be in the final four for class 6A.