Eaton at Byron Nelson - 2021 Week 6 Football Highlights

Byron Nelson cheerleading dads seeing what it's like to be a cheerleader....nice effort

Bobcats took on Eaton and first play from scrimmage, Eaton dials up the flea flicker and that was a good call. Tyler Fussell 68 yards to a wide open Christopher Anderson. Now thats how you throw the first punch. Eagles up 7-0.

Still first, JB Brown running behind huge Texas A&M commit, Hunter Erb scores from the 7. Brown with 182 yards on the night

Nelson looks like they might have a bit of good luck as Fussell runs with it but is stripped and William Scullin falls on it, but the Bobcat offense couldn't turn it into points.

However, the Eaton defense was more then up to the task. That's Chancellor Owens with the sack as Eaton wins our Defensive Belt for this week. They also get the win 45-10.