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Desoto vs Plano - Girls Hoops Highlights

In the second Sandra Meadows semifinal, Desoto took on Plano

First quarter, Desoto ball and there's a shooter in the corner. Her name is Ja'mia Harris and she drains the 3 for the Eagles.

Still first, watch Sa Myah Smith reach out and make the steal. Smith also had 12 blocks on the day, but here she dishes to Harris for 2 more of her 10 points, 11-6 after 1.

Wildcats are with out All American Jordyn Merritt all year, but you wouldn't be able to tell on this day. This is Mikki Eddins for two of her game high 18 points and Plano was within 2 most of the game.

Desoto had too much firepower, however. Ariyana Hines open for her only 3 of the game. Desoto wins a close one 45-42.