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Denton Guyer VS Northwest Eaton - 2019 Week 9 Football Highlights

Texas A&M commit and current Denton Guyer gun slinger Eli Stowers and company were taking on Northwest Eaton.

Guyer's Kaedric Cobbs had a big game, here he busts one up the gut for 42 yards getting all the down to the 2 yard line where he would cash it in for 6 on the next play.

Next Guyer possession and more Cobbs, showing off the power here as he will not be denied the endzone, just like that Guyer up 14 zip.

Stowers turn to go to work, watch the perfect pass down the sideline and then the SPECTACULAR catch by Seth Meador, WOW! Meador with 105 yards and a touchdown grab for the game.

Cobbs would finish that drive off along with finishing Eaton off, here he just bangs his way through all the bodies and gets in for the score, Cobbs finished with 144 yards on the ground and 5 touchdowns as Guyer cruises past Northwest Eaton by the score of 56-20.