Denton Guyer vs. Byron Nelson - 2021 Week 14 Football Highlights

Byron Nelson primed to pull off the upset against Denton Guyer at the Ford Center Saturday afternoon.

First quarter, Bobcats up 3-0 and Jacob Wilson goes 13 yards to Adam Stellato. It's a 10-0 lead for Nelson.

Wildcats were up 14-10 in the 2nd quarter, but Nelson had the ball. However Wilson's pass is picked off by Eli Bowen and it looks like Guyer will be in good position, but wait second, they can't bring Bowen down and he breaks it 45 yards for the touchdown. What a return. 21-10 Guyer.

Under a minute in the half, Wilson goes 33 yards to Draden Gorman for the touchdown and the Bobcats only trail 28-24 and look to have some momentum.

Not quite. Ensuing kickoff, Peyton Bowen, Eli's brother, receives the kick on the 2 with 18 seconds left and he finds the seam and is gone. 98 yard kickoff return for 6, the Wildcats had to hold on for a 43-36 win.