Dallas Kimball vs. Dallas Hillcrest - 2021 Week 9 Football Highlights

What a fabulous game Thursday night at Franklin Stadium as Hillcrest hosted Kimball

3rd quarter, Kimball up 14-10, but Carter Sido (Sigh-dough) was just heating up. Rolling out and then chucking one to Shannon Cruse in the back of the end zone for 6. Panthers up 17-14.

They get it back early 4th, and Sido goes a little deeper. 32 yards to Reggie Williams and Hillcrest has a comfortable 24-14 lead with 9 minutes left.

But the Knights have a 6 foot 6 receiver named Kyron Henderson and with 5 minutes left Jequalan (Juh-QUAY-len) Parks throws it up and says go get it big fella and that's exactly what Henderson does to make it a 24-20 deficit.

1:30 left, Kimball's ball and it's 4th and 10. Another jumpball right? WRONG.....Parks takes off and makes some great moves to get to the outside and it's a 45 yard touchdown to put Kimball up 26-24, but they miss the 2 point conversion.

Hillcrest needs a field goal to win and with :40 seconds left they set up a perfect screen to Jaden Hodge...he has the blockers to possibly score, but he loses the ball at the 3 and Donald Miles falls on it.....heartbreak for the Panthers, but Kimball wins it 26-24.