Cedar Hill vs. Tyler Legacy - 2021 Week 13 Football Highlights

Cedar Hill trying to get the luck of the Longhorn for the game with Tyler Legacy Saturday.

First half was low scoring. Longhorns would get the first points of the game when Cedric Harden, Junior races to the outside and dives for the pilon from the 2. 7-7 at the half.

Second half, Cedar Hill again at the 2 and Harden fakes the handoff and powers his way in again from the 2. 14-7 Cedar Hill.

After they got the lead, the Longhorns really went to the ground game. Huge 20 yard run here by Jaylen Jenkins at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Then, as we flip to the 4th, Jenkins muscles his way in from the 2 to put Cedar Hill up 21-7.

Defense would do the rest. Legacy's Aaron Sears gets a huge 22 yard run, but the ball is stripped and Kylan Salter falls on it. The Longhorns advance 21-7 and will face Bridgeland next Saturday.