Difference Makers


Coach Douglas MaxLiving Difference Maker

EPIV, is a motto that Coach Douglas Lancaster basketball team knows well. Every Person Is Vital to Coach Douglas, he is a mentor to both athletes and non-athletes. He encourages them to strive for excellence. His impact at Lancaster is why he is our MaxLiving #Difference Maker


Keller Girls Basketball Coach Goldberg is a Difference Maker For Reason Besides Coach of the Year

Kellers Coach Goldberg was voted Region 1 District 5 Coach Of the Year. Her teams have made the playoffs the past two years and are on track to make the playoffs this year as well. While success on the court is very important to Coach Goldberg, developing players that exhibit strong character is equally important. Her passion for developing players is what sets her apart and makes her our MaxLiving Difference Maker


Braswell's Coach Moore - MaxLiving Difference Maker

Braswell Coach Cody Moore focuses on building relationships with players and providing a path of success through hard work and honest and open communication. His team is achieving new levels of success following his plan making him a MaxLiving #DifferenceMaker


Difference Maker - Coach Seder

Former Dallas Cowboy and now North Mesquite head football coach, Tim Seder, has taken his football program to the next level by helping develop positive character traits that help his athletes on and off the field. See what Makes Coach Seder our MaxLiving #DifferenceMaker


Difference Maker - Coach Nash

Marvin Nash is the Runningback Coach and Recruiting Coordinator for Eaton Eagles. His philosophy plays a big role in the positive culture within the school. Check out Coach Nash's philosophy that makes him our MaxLiving Difference Maker.


Irwin Garcia - Difference Maker

In his first year as Defensive Coordinator, Irwin Garcia is having a big impact for his alma mater, the North Side Steers. Not only is he helping his team win on the field, he's also making an impact in their lives outside of football making him a MaxLiving #DifferenceMaker