NTX Honda Helpful Heroes: NFL Star Gives Back to His Community

“Our kids….they have a heart for helping and trying to do the right thing."

- Carlos Lynn - Cedar Hill Head Football Coach

The Cedar Hill Longhorns football team is not much different from other high school teams in the Metroplex. Stuck in their homes for the past 3 months due to the pandemic, the players hoped for a time to be together again and play the sport they love. However, the wide receiver corps at Cedar Hill did not wallow in self-pity. At least, not after hearing from former Longhorn and current NFL receiver, Quincy Adeboyejo.

“It started off as an idea to give back. I talked with Legacy Philanthropy and they brought up helping out charities,” said Adeboyejo. He then called and asked the wide receivers of his alma mater to help him deliver over 250 boxed lunches to low income families in the Dallas area.

NFL wide receiver, Quincy Adeboyejo, and some Cedar Hill players get ready to hand out free lunches.

The boys jumped at the opportunity. “I was really happy and excited,” said receiver Brian Rainey, “I’m blessed to have what I have now and to be able to give back.” Cedar Hill Head Coach, Carlos Lynn, wasn’t surprised at his kids generosity, “Our kids….they have a heart for helping and trying to do the right thing. Too often kids get crucified for one or two bad things and don’t get a pat on the back for great things.”

Cedar Hill receivers and Adeboyejo handing out free lunches to those in need.

And so they were off, walking the streets of Dallas with wagons full of meals to hand out to those in need. Adeboyejo and the receivers would stop door-to-door, hand out lunches, and just say an encouraging word or two. “We went to one house,” said Julian Austin, Cedar Hill receiver, “and met this 16 year old kid. Real cool guy. He was excited and happy. After we gave him a lunch we told him about Quincy and how he was in the NFL and the kid went crazy. Quincy came by and he gave him some inspiring words.” Adeboyejo added, “It’s always important to give words of encouragement because that’s what people did for me. I asked what they were interested in and shared some kind words.”

For the Cedar Hill receivers, there was an added bonus. They got to not only get back together with their teammates, but work side by side with their mentor, Adeboyejo, who played receiver at Cedar Hill from 2011-13. “Quincy played in a state title game and I asked a ton of questions because I want to win state, too” said Austin. “He’s a mentor and plays receiver too so it was great having him around.”

Adeboyejo and current Cedar Hill receiver, Brian Rainey, visit a Dallas family with a free lunch.

The day ended with Adeboyejo, a current New England Patriot, leading a game of football with the kids in the neighborhood and his Longhorn receivers.

Adeboyejo and the Cedar Hill receivers played a quick game of football with the Dallas community kids.

A full day of giving back to his community while being a true role model to those who looked up to him. “Being with the receivers was huge. I wanted to use that time to be a mentor,” Adeboyejo said. “We talked football and what it takes to get to the level I’m at. The whole day was everything I wanted it to be.”